Barely Lethal (2015)

Apr 30, 2015 96 min Watch Trailer

overview : A 16-year-old international assassin yearning for a "normal" adolescence fakes her own death and enrolls as a senior in a suburban high school. She quickly learns that being popular can be more painful than getting water-boarded.
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Hailee SteinfeldMegan Walsh
Sophie TurnerHeather
Jessica AlbaVictoria Knox
Samuel L. JacksonHardman
Dove CameronLiz Larson
Thomas MannRoger Marcus
Toby SebastianCash Fenton
Gabriel BassoGooch
Jaime KingSpecial Analyst Knight
Rob HuebelMr. Marcus
Rachael HarrisMrs. Larson
Dan FoglerMr. Drumm
Jason Ian DruckerParker Larson
Alexandra KrosneyCindy
Finesse MitchellPrincipal Weissman
Emma HolzerDonna

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