Thank You for Smoking (2005)

Mar 17, 2005 92 min Watch Trailer

overview : Nick Naylor is a charismatic spin-doctor for Big Tobacco who'll fight to protect America's right to smoke -- even if it kills him -- while still remaining a role model for his 12-year old son. When he incurs the wrath of a senator bent on snuffing out cigarettes, Nick's powers of "filtering the truth" will be put to the test.
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Aaron EckhartNick Naylor
Maria BelloPolly Bailey
Cameron BrightJoey Naylor
Adam BrodyJack
Sam ElliottLorne Lutch
Katie HolmesHeather Holloway
Rob LoweJeff Megall
William H. MacySenator Ortolan Finistirre
Robert DuvallThe Captain
David KoechnerBobby Jay Bliss
J.K. SimmonsBR
Kim DickensJill Naylor
Connie RayPearl
Joan LundenJoan Lunden
Mary Jo SmithSue Maclean
Todd LouisoRon Goode

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